Steak kind of has a bad rep. This is a huge faux pas and whoever hasn’t had a chance to enjoy a nice, succulent steak in their life is missing out. Vegetarians aside, that is. Furthermore, steak only gets a bad rep because it’s 'red meat,’ but the best part of a healthy diet is enjoying what you like in smaller quantities. For example, you can substitute the steak in your tacos for jackfruit, but as far as nutritional qualities go, you’re not ‘eating healthier.’ Steak is yummy - and we have the steak recipes to prove it!


1. Beef Tenderloin and Chunky Fries

There’s plenty you can do with a well-cooked tenderloin, but serving it up with potatoes is a guaranteed win. Despite the title of this steak recipe, ‘fries’ in this case, are British ‘chips.’ Chunky fries. Thickly sliced potatoes that have been triple-fried for a deliciously crunchy texture. Top off this easy-to-bake meal with a dash of horseradish sauce or cream for a tart, mustardy kick to the tastebuds.

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