Pineapple is often referred to as the prima donna of fruit and why not? Crowned with a glossy leaf cluster, sweet and succulent flesh lies beneath a somewhat prickly exterior. This seedless fruit is a syncarp, which simply means the fruit is created from an integration of several flowers. Because of its thick skin, it may be tricky to pick a pineapple at its prime, but there are a few telltale tips for choosing a delicious and juicy pineapple.


1. Select the Best One

A ripe pineapple has healthy green leaves, a firm shell and gives a little when gently squeezed. Pineapple have a distinctive scent, so a sniff test near the base is permitted. Pineapple ripens only slightly once picked. If you choose one that is slightly underripe, you can help the fruit reach ideal ripeness. Cut the top off and then place the pineapple body upside down on a plate. Cover and let the fruit rest in the refrigerator for two or three days. This process is believed to help the juices at the bottom circulate throughout the rest of the pineapple.

juice smell firm Wah Ray Tsang / Getty Images

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