Nothing quite screams clean like a kitchen filled with sparkling white appliances. Unfortunately, exposure to light, coupled with the heat produced during the cooking process, can slowly yellow your appliances over time. A spritz with your favorite cleanser may not be enough to even put a dent in your yellowing fridge or stove, leaving you at a loss regarding how to make your appliances white again. Before you toss out everything in that unnatural and unpleasant shade and head to the appliance store for replacements, consider this easy way to restore your favorite kitchen devices to their original shining white.


1. Prep Your Appliance

Prepare you appliance for a deep cleaning by wiping it down. Moisten a clean washcloth until damp and wipe the surface of your appliance. Be sure to clean the entire surface area, including the corners and edges. Removing any topical dirt, dust or grime left by general use will allow you to focus on removing the deeper-down stains during your next cleaning step.

How to restore white appliances chuckcollier / Getty Images

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