The world loves chicken pot pie. It’s no wonder, either. This meal is versatile, easy, and so delicious! You have a flaky crust on top and bottom. Chicken is in the middle, along with your favorite vegetables. Add a creamy sauce to help pull it all together, and send your taste buds to paradise. Chicken pot pie is one of the most popular recipe searches on the Internet. Good thing your search brought you here, for the best-ever chicken pot pie recipe.


1. Tasty Pastry

We begin by getting our crusts prepared. If you make your own pastry shells, prepare two of them and keep refrigerated. Otherwise, a simple alternative is to buy two refrigerated pie crusts. The important thing to remember is that you want to keep the pastry cold until it is time to use it. That way, it is pliable without getting sticky and will make for a pretty presentation.

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