Apple pie is a popular year-round dessert. To make the best apple pie, choose high-quality ingredients. You can often find freshly picked apples at a local farmer's market. Granny Smith apples are the traditional choice, but try experimenting with yellow and green apples, or even replace two or three with your favorite type for a unique flavor. Making a pie crust is easier than you might think. Apple pies are often made with a solid crust, although Dutch apple pies are covered with a crumb crust. Lattice tops can be used, or you can add leaf, turkey, or apple cut-outs.


1. Plan Ahead

To make the best pie crust, all ingredients should be as cold as possible, but not frozen. Place flour, shortening, and even the mixing bowl into the refrigerator to chill for at least an hour. Fifteen minutes before you are ready to mix the pie dough, measure a cup of water and add ice cubes.

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