The sloppy joe is a simple, cheap, versatile meal that can be created for a special occasion, such as a birthday or a holiday, or for a casual BBQ or weekday lunch. The main ingredients to make one are ground beef, green bell pepper, white onion, brown sugar, tomato sauce, yellow mustard, salt, and pepper. You will also need a skillet and hamburger buns. Though the recipe is simple, there are many facts people may not know about this famous sandwich.


1. Founded in the 1930s

Sloppy joes originated in the United States sometime during the 1930s, and there are a few stories about who the sandwich and which state it happened in. Some people believe it was invented in a café in Iowa by accident when the chef added tomato sauce to ground beef, which led to the making of the sloppy joe. Others believe it was invented in Florida at a bar called Sloppy Joe. Another less common theory is that it was invented in Havana. One fact is for certain--the sloppy joe became a staple in America.

Bartenders at Sloppy Joe's bar pour a round of drinks on the house for a large group of smiling customers American Stock Archive / Getty Images



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