Peanut butter fudge is a smooth and creamy confection regularly seen around the holidays. Even when it's nowhere near the holidays, you may find yourself craving it. This recipe describes how to make peanut fudge with minimal preparation and very few ingredients. Fast and easy peanut butter fudge recipes are ideal for enjoying this delicious treat and fitting it into your regular schedule.

Peanut butter fudge has a rich, slightly salty flavor, and it is easier to prepare than chocolate fudge.


1. Texture and Temperature

Achieving a smooth, creamy texture is the hardest part of learning how to make peanut butter fudge. The boiling syrup must be removed from heat at the candy syrup stage, or 235 °F. Turning off the heat early results in soft, sticky fudge that won't set. Hard or burnt fudge comes from boiling at an excessive temperature. The 'soft ball' method of estimating temperature is done by dropping 1/4 tsp of boiling syrup into a bowl of cold water. The syrup is ready when it forms a ball in the water with a firm texture. Candy thermometers determine the exact temperature of the syrup. Keep candy thermometers properly calibrated, and avoid letting the thermometer tip touch the bottom of the pan. If the tip touches the pan bottom, the temperature reading will be much too high.

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