Easy to make and just as easy to gobble down, a dollop of homemade mashed potatoes is an absolute treat. The universal side dish, smooth and buttery potato purée soaks up all those delicious juices and sauces. Pair it with soft cheeses, sweet and sour stir-fries, or sizzling meatballs – you simply can’t go wrong with mash. Versatile and easy on the palate, a lovingly made mashed potato can turn any meal, from breakfast to Christmas dinner, into something very special. Here’s how to make yours truly remarkable.


1. Choose the Right Potatoes

The starchier the potatoes, the less water they hold and the fluffier your mash will be. Waxy varieties like the gorgeous red, blue, or white cultivars look amazing but take longer to mash. So, if you like your mashed potatoes buttery but not sticky, try common varieties like the Yukon Gold or the Russet. Nothing beats the flavor of the medium-starch Yukon or the fluffiness of the very starchy Russet.

the right potato mashed potatoes goldhafen / Getty Images

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