Chili is a simple and easy meal to make. It's a meal meant to cook over a long period of time, which means it's ideal for crockpots or stay-at-home days! There are many different types of chili, and everyone seems to have their own recipe for the 'perfect' chili. However, there are some ingredients that a traditional chili must and must not have.


1. What is a Traditional Chili?

Chili originated in the 'Old West' with Chili Queens' serving bowls of chili con carne, or chili with meat, to cowboys. It was a popular trail food because it could keep for a long time and was filling. Many people believe that traditional chili, or chili con carne, is chili in a red sauce with spices, vegetables, and beans. However, the International Chili Society states that beans and pasta are strictly forbidden in any traditional red chili!

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