Making chili isn't that hard. It's a great dish to make the night before a party or the morning of and start in a crock pot. Chilis are often best when they have had a long time to cook and all the flavors have melded together. Whether you choose to make it with beans or without, or with chicken, beef, or pork, chili just might be one of the easiest meals you can make. Don't have time to use a crockpot? Every one of these recipes can also be made on the stove quickly.


1. Chili Con Carne

Traditional chili con carne should always be made without beans. This recipe calls for ground beef, olive oil, onions, garlic, green bell pepper, some salt and pepper, a little chili powder, a dash of cayenne pepper, some cumin, oregano, canned diced tomatoes and a cup of beef broth. Start by cooking the beef until it is no longer pink in a frying pan, then remove the meat and cook the onion in the grease.

chili con carne no beans kajakiki / Getty Images

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