A tutu can be used for a ballet dance recital, a Halloween costume, a gift, or to use as part of a wardrobe. Tutus can be expensive, so making your own can save you money and time. To make a tutu, you'll only need tulle and elastic. You won't even have to use a sewing machine for this process.


1. Types of Tutus

There are five types of tutus: pancake, romantic, bell, platter, and powder-puff. A pancake tutu is extremely short and comes out straight from the hips. A romantic tutu is long flowing and has five or six layers that reach the mid-calf. A bell tutu is short, stiff, and shaped like a bell. A platter tutu is somewhat similar to the pancake tutu, but instead, it has a flat top and is decorated. A powder-puff tutu moves with the dancer, and it does not stick straight out.

The girl in the hat runs across the field with her hands to the sides, the skirt fluttering in the wind.

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