Sweet or savory, nothing appeals quite like a delicious souffle. This amazing dish is as famous for its flavor as for its finickiness. Getting the taste and texture right is only one of the challenges. Getting your souffle to rise and stay up is another. As tricky as this dish may seem, tackling it only requires a little bit of timing and the right steps. Follow this recipe and learn how to make a great souffle the easy way.


1. Separate Your Egg Whites

Egg yolks contribute to the richness of your completed souffle, while the whites help it rise properly. Get two medium-sized mixing bowls and crack four eggs over one bowl and into your hand. Work the eggs around gently in your hand one at a time, letting the whites sieve through your fingers into the bowl. After this gently place the yolks into the other bowl.

how to make a great souffle Yulia_Davidovich / Getty Images

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