When you have a busy family, work long hours or hate housework, it’s hard to keep the kitchen clean and organized. The first step is to give the room an objective assessment. What do you use every day, what can be stored in a cabinet or drawer, and what can you donate, sell or toss? Organizing and cleaning is a challenge, but once the habits are established, you can look forward to preparing meals, helping the kids with homework at the kitchen table or entertaining a group of friends on movie night.


1. Declutter Your Counters

When your counters are chock-full of jars, appliances, and utensils, you may have to spend time juggling things to find prep space, especially if your counters lack substantial space, to begin with. Clean and neatly organized areas make starting a meal or baking more appealing. When the counters are clear, it’s much easier to take a few minutes to wipe them down. Keep the appliances you use every day on the counter such as the toaster, blender or coffeemaker. Make room in drawers for utensils or hang them on the wall.

Dirty dishes and bottles piled on a stainless steel sink.

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