HTML stands for "hypertext markup language." It is the language that browsers read when you are presented with a website when you do a search on the internet. There are plenty of other languages used today by programmers and site developers, but HTML is still considered the standard for web design. The basic elements of a site are all included in HTML language. Even when online design templates are used, it is still important to know some basic HTML, including how to insert spaces within your HTML.    


1. Use the nbsp characters for a non-breaking space.

HTML, unlike an MS Word document, does not recognize an extra space that is simply typed with the space bar. Instead, you have to use the language and symbols of HTML to get the result you want. To insert a non-breaking space in your HTML, type "&nbsp" after the place where you want the extra space. Then it will recognize it as a space that you want in that location of your document. Keep in mind that you should not overuse this technique too many times in a row as it may confuse the browsers.


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