Typing is an important skill that can be useful both in your personal and professional life. The faster and more accurate you type, the more efficient you will become. Initially, learning how to improve your typing skills may be frustrating and seem more difficult than using your current method, but if you persist and practice, your speed, and skill will see significant improvement! The best way to improve your typing skills is to learn touch typing where you can type without looking at the keyboard. The more you practice, the better your hand muscle memory becomes.


1. Posture

This may seem like an odd place to start, but the better your starting posture, the less strain you will put on your body while typing. Keep your back straight, your elbows at a right angle and face towards the screen with your head tilted slightly forward and down. Relax your hands, wrists, and shoulders as much as possible. Avoid putting weight on your wrists or having them at odd angles.

typing posture kowalska-art / Getty Images

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