Pineapples are delicious and healthy! They are full of vitamins and nutrients that help fight off disease. On top of that, they are perfect for desserts, snacks, and even savoury meals! You can grill them, freeze them, blend them up, or eat them raw. This versatile fruit has a long history of being sought after by explorers and it's easy to grow at home, even from using a store-bought pineapple!


1. How do you grow a pineapple?

Unlike most fruits which you can simply grow from seeds, the pineapple grwos by planting the big spiky top. The fruit doesn't really have any useful seeds for propagation, but planting the tops will take root and develop another blossom that will eventually develop into a delicious pineapple. While it's not generally recommended to grow fruits and vegetables from items purchased at the store, pineapple is definitely an easy one to grow at home!

grow pineapple at home RedHelga / Getty Images

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