Ginger is a tropical perennial herb that is indigenous to Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. This spicy, fragrant herb is often used in Asian and Indian food as well as in baked goods and candy. Ginger root is fibrous, gnarly and knobby, the leaves are a glossy green, and they bloom vibrantly in blue, red, white, pink and yellow. This herbaceous plant thrives well in a humid, warm climate, but with proper care, you can grow your own ginger regardless of where you reside.


1. Grow Outdoors

Ginger requires planting in moist, fertile soil in an area with good drainage. It’s important to plant the ginger in a shaded area with limited direct sunlight and shelter from wind. To stymie rot in the ginger root, allow cut pieces to dry for a day or two in a warm, dry environment. Then plant the ginger in a shallow trench that is no deeper than one inch. If you prefer, fill eight-inch pots with loam-based compost, ensuring the cups have a hole for water drainage.

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