Wood smoke, sweet sauces, savory flavors, and simple, elegant cooking styles show the versatility of a simple salmon filet. Grill it outdoors or use your kitchen grill to produce healthy fish entrees for your family or lucky guests. There's a taste difference between wild-caught salmon and farmed which you may find significant enough that you're willing to pay the premium. Make sure you invest in garnishes to properly plate your finished piece. Unless noted, all recipes grill over medium-high heat, 6 to 8 minutes total for inch-thick fish, or until it reaches 135-145 degrees F and flakes easily.


1. Cooking Grilled Salmon with Cedar

You can cook most grilled salmon recipes with a smoky flavor using cedar planks or wraps soaked in salty water. The wraps take only about ten minutes to get nice and wet, but the planks should soak for two hours or more. For wraps, place fish on the wrap, fold and begin cooking seam side down or tie with natural fibers. Use medium-high heat for three or four minutes a side until fish flakes easily. For planks, place the wet plank on the medium-high grill by itself for three or four minutes until you smell the smoke, then flip the plank, add the fish on top and cook with the cover on until the fish is 135 degrees F internally and flakes easily.

grilled salmon cedar plank LauriPatterson / Getty Images

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