Chiggers are tiny red mites that are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. You likely won't even know you've encountered these tiny pests until you experience intense itching. Chiggers, or harvest mites, live in grassy areas and gardens. If you walk through grass while barefoot, you are at risk of getting bit by chiggers and carrying them into your home.

There are steps you can take to control or even eliminate these pests from infesting your yard and your home.


1. Mow Your Lawn Regularly

The most effective way to eliminate chiggers is to take away the habitat in which they thrive. Since they like tall grass, it's essential to mow your lawn regularly and pull weeds. Chiggers are drawn to moist and dark areas, so trim shrubs, bushes, trees, or other dense areas where chiggers may hide.

stop chiggers by mowing kickstand / Getty Images

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