Casseroles are a staple of winter eating all across the world. The colder it gets, the more we turn to comforting food. In general, there are three main ingredients to a casserole: broth, meat, and vegetables. There are even some casserole recipes out there topped with melted cheese. Yum! They're jam-packed with goodness and incredibly simple to make. Furthermore, they can be stored in the freezer to be reheated in the microwave at any time. Still unconvinced? Try these recipes on for size.


1. Mushroom Cacciatore Casserole

Though not technically a 'casserole,' a cacciatore is prepared in much the same way. Usually with the very Mediterranean addition of chopped tomatoes and wine. Although commonly made with rabbit, this chicken and mushroom cacciatore is hearty, juicy, and delicious. It also cooks incredibly quickly, providing a slow-cooker-style in less than an hour. Buon appetito!

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