If you've ever been in the middle of a DIY project and came across a screw that your screwdriver couldn't seem to lock onto, you probably had a stripped screw on your hands. The head of the screw is so damaged, it can seem almost impossible to remove with a screwdriver. While you may not own a screw extractor, there are some handy ways to easily remove a stripped screw.


1. Why do the screws become stripped?

Most stripped screws are the result of using incorrect tools or simple user error. Screw heads usually wear out because the screwdriver or drill bit used on it was too small. The screwdriver or drill bit spins without a good grip on the screw, and the result is a stripped head on the screw. Turning screws at an angle can also cause stripping. Always align your screwdriver or drill directly in line with the screw. When inserting screws, it's best to create pilot holes first.

Properly insert and remove screws **a pic of a stripped screw would be better, but could not find one Rifka Hayati / Getty Images

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