Decorating Christmas trees is a time-honored tradition, dating all the way back to 16th century Germany. To this day, one of the most magical things about the holiday season is catching glimpses of beautifully decorated Christmas trees twinkling in windows. If you want your Christmas tree to "sleigh" this year, you might be a little intimidated by what you've seen on Instagram and the like. But believe it or not, Christmas tree decorating doesn't have to be a chore. With a little know-how, you can have a perfectly decked out tree of your own in just a few simple steps.


1. Location, location, location

First things first: decide where your tree is going to go. Your tree will be the star of whatever room it's in, so a little furniture rearrangement might be in order. You might even want to set it in front of a street-facing window to add a little sparkle to your neighborhood.

Though it's tempting, don't place your Christmas tree near the fireplace—or any other source of heat, for that matter. Space heaters, air vents, and radiators will dry out your tree, shortening its lifespan and creating a fire hazard.

If you want to keep your Christmas tree looking flawless for as long as possible, don't forget to water it. Trees can go through as much as a gallon a day, so keep those refills coming!


Christmas tree with presents and sofa onurdongel / Getty Images

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