A mouse infestation is a common but unsettling occurrence, especially for homes that are in or near the countryside. If mice find a food source, they will come into your house to eat and make nests. Signs of a mouse infestation include finding droppings around the home and in food cupboards. You may see gnaw marks on furniture or wooden fixtures like skirting boards and door frames. If you discover a mouse infestation, there are a few ways you can deal with it. Ideally, try a humane and kill-free first to avoid unnecessary harm or distress to the rodents.


1. Try humane options first

When you confirm a mouse infestation, there are a few options for removal. Although a traditional snap-close mousetrap is an option, avoid killing the mice if possible; there are several humane options to try first, including sonic devices and bait stations. Pets in the home can also deter or catch mice, helping keep the risk of infestation down.

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