We live in a hustle and bustle society with a high emphasis on appearance. A big part of our beauty regimes, for both men and women, is a well-groomed coiffure. The average man spends a little over $150 a year on haircuts, while the average woman spends over $250. We are quickly becoming a DIY world, and that extends to people moving toward cutting their hair themselves. Stick with us while we cover some at-home haircut techniques for both men and women, as well as suggest style variations.

It's a Man's World

Let's face it; men have it easy in comparison to women. It is quite acceptable and even fashionable for men to grow their hair long with a big bushy beard to match. To accomplish this look you need time and to keep your hands off the scissors and shears. Grab a backpack and see the world in the meanwhile — no need to be shy guys, the ladies love a bad boy.

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A More Refined Look

Some men spend more time, energy, and money to achieve the perfect look. No need to worry, there is a money saver for your types as well. Most hair clippers come with different size combs that determine the length of your cut. Use the most extended comb, shave starting from the crown of your head to the back of the neck until you have covered the entire space; using clippers to tidy up any stragglers. Then take a palm full of mousse messaged into the hair to achieve a salon-style look.

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Common Mistakes

Be careful when using clipping shears. A common mistake is to start shaving and forgetting to put on the guide combs. There is nothing fashionable about a bald spot in the middle of your head. If all else fails, you can create different shapes and tell everyone you meant to do that until it grows back.

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Boys Will be Boys

There is always one young boy who wants to cut his own hair. But, it is never a good idea to allow a small child to use scissors or any sharp objects. They will always believe they “got this.” The proof is in the results, which, is very rarely a pretty one.

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Then Came Women

The ladies are a bit more complex with many styles from long to medium to even extremely short. There are simple tricks you can learn to replicate salon style without breaking the bank.

One particular style is the shag. It's a casual but classy style for the rebel girl. Collect your hair in a ponytail at the very top of your head using sharp scissors cutting about 3 inches from the rubber band. When you release the tie, you have a cute and layered style. Shake your head and mousse it up and off you go. Always remember, no coming back from short, so take away small bits at a time until you reach your desired length.

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Ponytails are Useful

Using the same technique with a ponytail for a more straight bobbed look, gather the hair at the back of your neck. Using sharp scissors cut just below the tie when you release your hair you'll have a stylish shoulder-length bob. No layers but the ends will have a cool wisp that usually flips under or up depending on your natural curls.

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Asymmetrical Bob

Another style you can achieve using a ponytail is the asymmetrical bob. Make a ponytail just over one shoulder cutting at an angle from bottom to top. When the hair is released, it leaves a trendy look with one side longer than the other. You can make it a subtle slant or more visible depending on your preference and courage. Again always remember to start long and take away small amounts until you reach the desired length.

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Pigtails are Useful Too

Part your hair down the middle and make two pigtails on each side. Cut below and measure about 3 inches from the ties, ensures you are even on both sides. You'll have fresh wispy frayed edges when all is said and done. You can easily clean up the results and snip any stragglers for a cleaner finish. Braid each side before you cut for a layered bottom look.

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There are Always Risks

It cannot be reiterated enough always use caution when cutting your hair; only a clock can repair a mistake if you go too short. Hair takes a long time to grow back and psychologically even longer when you are not happy with the results. Just remember, it's just hair. Hair always grows back. So have fun and experiment!

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Be Trendy and Save Money

As you can see, you don't have to be a professional stylist to achieve a professional look. All the examples given are simple tricks that provide similar results to what you would get from sitting in a salon chair. None of the methods take more than a few minutes, and all can easily be varied by adding bangs, layers, and even different colors. Don't be afraid to be adventurous with your look!

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