Watermelons are the quintessential fruit of a summer barbecue, with their fresh tasty interior, and their beautiful color. While they come in a variety of sizes (and sometimes color), most of us think of a large round or oval fruit, with a tough green exterior, and a juicy pink interior. But how exactly do you cut a watermelon? While there is really no right or wrong way to prepare a watermelon, there are a few hints and tricks that will have you enjoying this treat sooner.


1. Choosing the Perfect Watermelon

Before you head to the market and randomly pick the first watermelon you see, consider what makes one better over another.

  1. Watermelons should feel heavy for their size. If it seems too light, it may be dry inside
  2. Knock on the melon. You will want to hear a hollow and deep sound
  3. Look for the field spot. This is the spot where the melon sat on the field. A yellow or creamy color indicates that it is ripe
how to cut a watermelon andresr / Getty Images

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