Mangoes are a delicious and sweet tropical fruit that deserves to be displayed on a fruit platter with pride. But cutting and preparing them for display can be a hassle. All that softness and juiciness makes it tricky to peel and cut them, and the longer you fiddle around with them, the mushier they get. If your attempts to cut a mango elegantly have been foiled too many times, here’s all you'll need to do it properly.


1. Peeling the Mango

Ripe mangoes are notoriously hard to peel by hand. If you like to peel your mangoes, then it’s best to use a sharp fruit peeler or turning knife. Tabletop electric peeling machines are also an option, and they can save you a lot of time. They usually rotate the mango on a spike while a small knife scrapes the peel away within seconds. But most people prefer to cut the mango first, and then scrape the fruit away from the peel.

how to cut mangoes Alexeg84 / Getty Images

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