Prime rib -- slow roasted, tender and juicy -- is a perfect dish for a festive family affair, or for those that truly love steak. Also known as a standing rib roast, this dish was originally reserved for the very wealthy - those that could afford several pounds of beef for a meal. As beef production and butchery processes improved, prime rib became incorporated into mainstream American cuisine. Prime RIb doesn't have to be a special treat for a dinner out - with a few simple tips, you, too, can impress friends and family with tender prime rib at home!


1. Choosing the Right Meat

Prime rib is known for being tender enough to cut with a butter knife, so meat selection is paramount to a tender Prime Rib dish. To begin, determine the size of the roast you'll need for your gathering. Plan for about one pound (raw) per person. For example, a one-bone roast will feed two to three hungry people and a four bone roast 8 - 10. It sounds like a lot, but a lot of the weight is bone. Choose your roast from the butcher counter, if possible, and ask for the ribs cut away and tied back. This will make the roast easier to cook and carve.

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