Salmon can be cooked in any number of different ways. Salmon is available in fillets, steaks, and even chopped or flaked. The flavor of salmon can be enhanced or meshed with other ingredients, although the basic practices for how to cook salmon apply to steaks or fillets.

Salmon can be purchased whole, but it is usually best to have a professional cut the fish. Farmed salmon and wild-caught salmon have different flavors. Various salmon species also have distinct flavors. People without much experience can research available types of salmon before purchasing.


1. Salmon Fillets

Fillet, or filet, refers to a cut of meat or fish and the process of cutting it. The flesh of the fish is cut away in one piece away from the backbone. It is a lengthwise cut along one side. Salmon fillets usually do not contain bones and have a rectangular shape. Butterfly fillets are a specific technique to cut the fillet on each side with both fillets connected by flesh and skin from the belly. Skin may be removed from fillets or left intact.

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