Beets may be one of the most underrated vegetables in the garden. Most people describe this root vegetable’s flavor as earthy, with the perfect amount of sweetness. It is one of the few vegetables that is edible in its entirety, from the crispy, green leaves at its top to its long, pointed root. Although you can cut beets into thin slices and eat them raw, there are a variety of ways to cook them to enhance the vegetable’s rich flavors.


1. Choosing Beets

Look for medium-sized beets with the leaves still attached. Larger beets tend to be tougher. If the leaves have been removed, make sure there is at least ½ inch of the stem remaining and 2 inches of the taproot. The beet’s skin should be smooth and hard. Avoid those with cuts, bruises, moist spots, or flabby or shriveled skin. The leaves should be dark green, small, and crisp. Choose equal-sized beets so that they cook evenly.

choosing beets leaves mapodile / Getty Images

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