Whether it's a side dish for a special weekend brunch or savory layer on your tasty sandwich, bacon is the perfect way to add flavor to almost any meal. It's an art form to cook the perfect slice - crispy, but still retaining that satisfying chew. It lends both a delicious saltiness and an interesting texture to your dish. But how does a home chef achieve this perfect balance? The secret is to cook the bacon in your oven. It's a low-effort, less-mess way to get great results.


1. It's less messy

If you've ever tried to cook bacon in a pan and added a few too many slices, then you know that dealing with a smoking, spitting pan isn't just stressful, it also creates quite a mess of your stovetop. On the other hand, when you cook bacon in the oven, cleanup is a breeze. Grab a baking sheet and line it well with aluminum foil. When you're done cooking the bacon, simply drain the oil, and toss your aluminum foil for a quick and easy clean up.

cooking bacon in the oven haoliang / Getty Images

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