There are many reasons for contacting Facebook. Parents want to ensure the safety, and privacy settings on a child's account are set up correctly. Profiles can be can be disabled for no apparent reason, offensive ads don't always disappear when settings are changed, and hacked accounts are very frustrating. Deciding how to contact Facebook is usually a matter of finding the appropriate option for specific issues. Facebook offers many different forms and avenues for seeking help, so the sheer number of options may be confusing.

Facebook Help Community

The Facebook Help Community is a great resource. Thousands of Facebook users are involved in the community. They offer help and answer questions. There are categories along the left side of the page that can help with finding a specific topic quickly. The category "Top Questions" includes the most common queries. Several Facebook pages exist that post updates and sometimes answer questions, including Facebook For Business, Facebook & Privacy, Facebook Developers, Facebook Engineers, and Facebook Design.

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Facebook Help Center

The Facebook Help Center can is available by opening account settings from the drop-down box in the right-hand corner on the home screen. The link to the Help Center is the first link from the left in the second row of links on the bottom of the settings page. The Help Center contains five links across the top of the page. One link returns to the home page, and three middle links lead to specific help sections. The fifth link is an inbox specifically for support messages.

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Impersonation Accounts

If you suspect someone is impersonating you on Facebook, go to that person's profile page. Search for the name, or ask a friend to send the link. Click the page's cover photo and choose "report." There will be a set of instructions to finish filing the report. If you don't have a Facebook account and need to report an impersonation, use the 'Report an Impostor Account' contact form.

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Video and Photo Privacy

There are several contact forms to report video or photo privacy rights. Selecting the right form gets faster results than using general reporting. There are options for reporting images that violate personal privacy rights on Facebook, images that violate a country's privacy rights, and a specific form to request removal of profile pictures on the Facebook login page. There are forms for videos violating privacy rights on Facebook and videos violating a country's privacy rights as well.

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Disabled or Suspended Accounts

Most users don't know their Facebook accounts have been suspended or disabled until they attempt to log on. A suspended account is a result of unauthorized login attempts. A disabled account is an intentional action in response to violating Facebook's terms of service. Users are able to access the contact forms and instructions to appeal the decision or verify identity when they attempt to login.

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Memorialized Accounts

Keeping a Facebook account of a deceased person online is done through the 'Memorialization Request' contact form. The form "Special Request for Medically Incapacitated or Deceased Person's Account" is used to remove an account permanently. There is also a form called "Requesting Content From a Deceased Person's Account" to obtain images, timeline reviews, and other content from a memorialized account.

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Reporting Offensive Content

The process for reporting ads, images, profiles, comments, groups, and pages that violate Facebook's terms of service is fairly simple. Click on the image, video, or any other link or content that you would like to report. There will be a button with three dots somewhere to the right of each comment or object. An option to provide feedback or report will appear depending on what type of content it is. A menu will appear with options asking how the content violates Facebook's terms of service. Choose the option that best fits the situation, then click the send button.

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Report Threats

Several contact forms are available to report abuse. Report blackmail and threats to share information about a child using the 'Report Blackmail, Intimate Images, or Threats to Share Intimate Images' form. Blackmail, in this case, only applies to intimate images for adults, but there are no restrictions on which threats to a child should be reported here. A contact form titled 'Report a Threatening Message' is for nonsexual threats to share private or compromising content.

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Verifying Identity and Copyright Protection.

The dropdown menu under the "Policies and Reporting" link on the main help page has a section titled 'Uploading Your ID.' This section contains appropriate and safe methods for providing ID verification. ID verification may be necessary for the Facebook Marketplace or to reopen a suspended account. The "Intellectual Property" option on the same dropdown menu contains contact forms and instructions for reporting copyright or trademark violations.

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Avoid Scams

It is very important to avoid scams. Always contact Facebook through phone numbers, email addresses, and other options provided on Facebook's Help Center. Do not use a search engine to find contact information. Some phone numbers found through a general search connect to a person, or people, pretending to work for Facebook. The person tries to obtain enough information to access personal accounts. Avoid using any third party to find contact information, and carefully evaluate replies anytime you ask others for assistance.

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