1. How to Change Your Wi-Fi Password - Updated Image Instructions

You know it's important to change your password on your computer and all your accounts, but have you changed the password on your Wi-Fi router? Your Wi-Fi router is the weak link in many personal networks. That's why it is imperative for you to change your router's password regularly. If you've never changed your Wi-Fi router's password, chances are it is a default password and login, thus making it simple for someone to steal your data and for your neighbors to use your bandwidth. Changing your password is easy, but it varies for different routers.

1. Access Your Router Through Your Browser

You can access your router by entering its address in a browser on a computer that's connected to the same network. The router will have a local address and will usually be either,,, (Xfinity), or (Apple). If the router has a different address, you can find it when you connect with it through a Windows cmd window (press the Windows key and "R" key simultaneously). Enter ipconfig in the cmd window and look for the "default gateway" address. That will be your router.


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