Salmon is one of the healthiest fish around, and though it may be expensive at times, many medical professionals recommend eating salmon twice a week. Just five ounces of salmon twice weekly will give you your weekly recommended Omega-3 fatty acids and every time you eat it you get your full daily recommended amount of Vitamin D. Salmon is generally available in steaks and filets and can be cooked in larger quantities and then saved for later in the week. Baking is a great way to maximize the health benefits and nutritional content of this delicious fish!


1. Select Fresh Salmon

When you go to the grocery store to select your salmon, don't be overwhelmed. There are a few different types, and the first question to ask is do you want wild or farmed salmon? While you shouldn't worry about getting 'organic' salmon, generally try to purchase wild salmon as it is harvested in the most sustainable way and is also generally the healthiest. There are four types of salmon you're most likely to see at the store:

  • Atlantic - now endangered and should be avoided
  • King or Chinook - high in good fats, omega-3s and with great texture
  • Sockeye - excellent for grilling
  • Coho - milder in flavor, good for folks who aren't sure about the "fishy" taste of salmon.
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