You’ve had your eye on the perfect girl for days, and you are positive; she is the one for you. Now you just need to make sure she knows that you are the one for her. But how can you make that happen, and do so without seeming creepy or scaring her off?

It All Starts with You

As cliche as this sounds, you really do have to like yourself before you can expect anyone else to like you. Take a good look at who you are now and how happy you are with what you see. If you still have work to do before you can honestly say you love yourself, complete that work first before moving forward. Being the best you possible is by far the most important step you can take to get a girl to like you.

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Put Your Best Face Forward

Good hygiene and grooming are essential steps to take to get a girl to like you. Show her you care about your appearance and health. If you don’t care about your own, how can she ever expect you to care about hers? Even at the beginning of the relationship, be certain she is thinking about such things. No one wants to waste time with someone who isn’t going to care for them years down the road. And no one wants to kiss someone with funky teeth and breath.

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Get Your Confidence On

The hardest part of getting into a relationship is taking the first step and opening the lines of communication. Confidence is a huge factor here, so just think about the first two steps you’ve already taken and know you are at the top of your game. You're confident about yourself. You look and feel great. You are sure that you are exactly what she needs in her life, so now it’s time to let her know. Being confident is very attractive and a great way to get her attention.

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Let Your Body Break the Ice

Before you speak the first words, let your body say hello. Good body language begins with eye contact. She’s already sensed your confidence, so it will be easy to catch her gaze. Hold it while breaking into a large, sincere smile. If she smiles back, flirts with her eyes or gets flushed cheeks, walk up to her. However, don’t get discouraged if she doesn’t. She may just be shy, so give it some time and try again. If she seems to be purposely avoiding your eyes, there may be an existing boyfriend or other issues. Look for other opportunities to speak with her at a later date. Don’t persist now as it may seem creepy or desperate, which is to be avoided at all costs.

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Get to Know Her

You’ve found a way to start a conversation with the lovely lady, so use the opportunity to get to know her better. People like talking about themselves, and it shows you care about her as a person and not just a pretty face. Use your surroundings or what you already know about her to ask questions. For instance, if you are in a coffee shop, ask what her favorite drink is. In a music store, find out what she listens to. Ask questions that will help you later, such as her favorite color or movie. Once you know, you can arrange activities or gifts that are perfect for her. Caring and thoughtfulness like that are easy steps you can take to get a girl to like you.

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Friendships Build Trust

Being a friend to that special girl is very important if you want her to like you. Friendship is a good way to build trust, and trust is key to every good relationship. Be supportive of her dreams and goals. Make friends with her friends. Be positive and kind. Be a good listener. Share a secret or something personal about yourself, so she knows you trust her. All of these things will help to build her trust in you. The really big bonus here is that you will be making a good friendship that could be there even if a romantic relationship does not work out.

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Those Who Play Together, Stay Together

A good step to take to get a girl to like you is to share in some of her interests. If she likes a particular hobby, try it yourself. You may not be particularly fond of paint pouring, but it’s a good excuse to be together and share experiences. Learn to play a sport she likes. Listen to her genre of music. The point is to find some common interests you two can share. Doing activities together shows you care about her happiness and want to share important parts of her life.

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Do Your Own Thing Every Now and Then

It is good to have activities you can share, but it is just as important to spend time away from each other, too. You never want to smother her or appear needy or clingy. Occasionally doing things that do not include her shows you are independent. It also shows that you have confidence and trust in her, as well, because she is also able to have her independence. There is an adage that states absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it is true. Spending time apart is a big step in getting a girl to like you.

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Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is another important step to take to get a girl to like you. Don’t ever pretend to be something you are not, or lie about things you’ve done or places you’ve been. The quickest way to lose a girl is to lose her trust, and getting caught in a lie does exactly that. Additionally, don’t be a yes-man because you think that’s what she wants to hear. If she’s asking for your advice or opinion, be honest. Of course, if it’s something she may not want to hear, be kind about how you present it. While it may sting at first, she will appreciate your maturity.

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When All Else Fails, Psych Them Out

A good, if not a little sneaky, step to take to get a girl to like you is to use every psychological trick at your disposal. This includes wearing red, which has been shown to improve attraction. Do something exciting together, like ride a roller coaster. Say her name often. These and other little tricks have been shown to increase a person’s attraction, so don’t be afraid to use them whenever possible.

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