Who doesn't love a good stir fry recipe? They're simple to make, versatile, and they taste good no matter what ingredients you have lying around the house. However, they're also more than just quick and easy meals to make: They're delicious, nutritious, and can pack a real flavorful punch. Stir-fries are also a huge staple to the vegetarian diet. No matter which meat you're replacing for tofu, they're just as - if not more - delicious. And the best thing is, each of these recipes can be made with meat, too. That's the beauty of a stir fry.


1. Vegetable Noodle Stir Fry with Orange

Have you ever thought to include fruit in your stir fry? If not, maybe it's time to. Adding citrus to your stir fry gives it a tang on top of the comfort. For the stir fry sauce, you'll want to mix soy sauce, orange juice, sherry, sugar or a sugar substitute and top it off with orange zest and black pepper for the kick. Use any vegetables you have around or wish, frying them up in the wok alongside your noodles. When finished, add a couple of orange segments to polish it off.

wok stir fry overhead rez-art / Getty Images

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