For many passionate meat-eaters, a freshly grilled flank steak is tough to beat. Its versatility makes steak a perfect carnivorous entree year-round. With endless possibilities for preparing steak, there are lots of great recipes to put on your must-try list that are easy to make and full of flavor.

Wine marinated

Flank steak, cut from the steer's lower chest or abdominal muscles, is lean and naturally flavorful. It soaks up wine marinades for a delicious lunch or dinner. Before grilling, marinate steaks in a combination of red wine vinegar, peppercorn, and shallots. Shiraz, Pinot, Merlot, or Cabernet Sauvignon are ideal dry reds for marinating, and you can add garlic, thyme, and other seasonings if you want. Leave the steak soaking for a minimum of one hour or overnight if you can. Simmer the marinade and beef stock to use as a serving sauce.

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Grilled fajitas

Tantalize your taste buds with a plate of piping hot fajitas, grilled to perfection with fresh steak. Marinate the long flat flank cuts in a combination of soy sauce, olive oil, lime juice, and chili powder. While at least two hours is recommended for marinating, the longer you let the steak soak, the more flavorful your fajitas will be when it's time to grill. Onions, peppers, salsa, and avocado make for terrific toppings on soft, flaky tortillas.

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Flanks steak with jalapeno poppers

Throwing a flank steak on the grill and seasoning with a spicy blend is one way to satisfy your spice cravings, but creating a fabulous meal with cheesy jalapeno poppers and crunchy salad can take it to the next level. It's pretty simple: just cook the steak in a skillet on high heat for five minutes on both sides. Slice up the steak and top with a stuffed jalapeno popper. Poppers are easy to find at the grocery store, but you can also whip up your own by stuffing a hulled jalapeno with your choice of cheese, then tossing it in a beer, egg, and flour batter before frying it in a generous amount of oil. If you want to skip the batter, wrap the jalapeno peppers in bacon and toss them on the grill. Paired with leafy greens, this steak masterpiece is a can't-miss meal.


Salad with avocado fries and aioli

Avocado fries are a growing trend and pair well with a flavorful flank steak, salad, and aioli. Piri Piri spice rub with paprika and oregano is a popular marinade for steak, but you can choose your desired seasoning. Make your own avocado fries by tossing thin wedges of avocado in a flour dredge, then dipping them in a beaten egg before covering them with bread crumbs. Avocado fries can be baked, making them a healthier choice compared to deep-fried alternatives. All the pieces will come together for a tasty steak and veggie delight.


Pinwheels with tomato pesto

Pinwheels are a fun alternative to traditional steak dishes. As the perfect appetizer, pinwheels are bite-sized portions of steak, made by pounding on the meat to flatten. Add prosciutto slices on the steak before topping with tomato pesto. Roll the steak up and cut into thick slices, piercing through the middle of each with a skewer. Fire up the grill, put the pinwheels on for five minutes, and enjoy!

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Steak frites

A classic fan favorite is steak and fries. If deliciously grilled meat and fries are your top foods, why not combine the two for a memorable meal? Choose your seasoning and sauce for your steak, such as a creamy mustard or peppercorn sauce. Cook steak to your liking while frying up your preferred potatoes. Whether you choose shoestring or steak fries, serve them with your steak for a classic homestyle meal.


Teriyaki steak flank

The Japanese cooking style of teriyaki makes for a scrumptious steak meal. Teriyaki sauce is a combination of soy sauce, sugar, ginger, and sake or mirin, making it a perfect mix of sweet and salty. Marinating a steak flank in teriyaki sauce for at least an hour will give you the intended flavor for cooking. Once the steak is finished cooking, brush with teriyaki sauce on both sides and serve over rice with a final drizzling of sauce.

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With mushroom and herb stuffing

Stuffing doesn't have to be saved for Thanksgiving only. If you want to test your cooking skills, try putting homemade mushroom and herb stuffing into your flank steak. Onion, garlic, and celery will pair nicely with the braised steak. Using butcher's twine, secure the stuffing within the steak before browning. Next, braise the steak along with the stuffing, carrots, and fennel, which may take an hour and a half until meat is tender.

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With shallot sauce

Another must-try dish is steak generously smothered in shallot sauce. Similar to other types of onions, shallots have a sweet and mild flavor with a touch of garlic, making them a tasty addition to quality steak. When combined with red wine, shallots can be turned into a succulent sauce to drizzle over flank steak. All you have to do is soften shallots in butter and cook for a minute before adding two tablespoons of red wine vinegar and one tablespoon of Dijon mustard to simmer.

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With onions and cilantro chimichurri

Cilantro chimichurri is a refreshing, healthy choice to complete your steak meal. Sweet Spanish piquillo peppers or roasted red peppers may be used as a vinaigrette for a salad to serve with the steak. Grilled large red onions add extra flavor mixed in with the greens and the meat. After preparing the chimichurri and pepper vinaigrette and grilling the flank steak, slice the meat into thin pieces and serve with the salad. Chopped hazelnuts add a nice touch on top.

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