If you need hair trimming tips for women, check out our tutorial. Cutting your own hair isn't just a frugal man's routine. It's a meditative process, a sign of independence, and a way to remain perpetually groomed in the face of any challenge or circumstance. To master the art of self-sufficient grooming, you'll need to learn the step-by-step basics of cutting your own hair. Fortunately, some of the most versatile and easily-maintained cuts are possible with a set of clippers and a little direction. Once you feel more confident with your haircutting abilities, try out a few tricks of the trade to create a more personalized look.


1. Choose the tools and the cut

While cutting your own hair doesn't require an arsenal of professional gear, it entails more than just a pair of household scissors and a steady hand. You'll want to invest in a decent set of clippers with a range of attachment guard lengths, hair shears, and a handheld mirror. A cutting cape and hair thinning scissors are optional but helpful. Next, choose your perfect haircut. If you're worried about maintenance, go with short, tight cuts and simple fades. For styles with a bit more personality, keep the length on top and try a high fade.

Find the right tools for a perfect haircut alenkadr / Getty Images

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