The bow tie is not going anywhere, and recent use suggests that it's for a good reason. Whether or not you're a popcorn magnate in your iconic bow tie and horn-rimmed glasses or an in-shape college professor looking to be ironic in your next lecture, there remains a place for the bow tie. The bow tie has undergone a transformation; it's no longer solely used by academics with tenure. Rather than "He needs a makeover." instead people now largely say things like "he wears that well." That doesn't make them easy to tie. However, with these tips, a bit of explanation and a fair bit of trial and error you'll get there. Trial and error, while negative sounding is stressed there because, quite simply, you'll likely not get it worked out on your first attempt.


1. What Is This Bow Tie?

It takes an absolute lack of confidence or mommy issues to wear a bow tie without the pomp and circumstance they deserve. (Please understand that we know that women can wear, and even look great in a bow tie and that the tying instructions are identical regardless of gender. However, there may be times that the writing skews to men come instruction time.) The bow tie has a fascinating backstory dating back to the Prussian Wars with a little help from the French. As exciting as history can be, tying a bow tie is far from easy, and it's better to concentrate on that.

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