Dating is a nerve-wracking business, especially as it often involves putting yourself out there without being sure whether your interest is reciprocated or not. You might be looking for clues that a special someone feels the same way you do. Luckily, a lot of psychological research has come to prove that reading someone else's feelings is not as difficult as we might think. Conversation patterns and social cues can help you decipher the object of your affection's feelings and remove some of the mystery and nerves.


1. She’s Finds Excuses to Communicate with You

If it feels like she's reaching out even though there doesn't seem to be any pressing reason to do so, it probably means you're popping into her mind unexpectedly. If you share the same workplace and she keeps singling you out to ask for assistance or seek information over other similarly qualified colleagues, it could well mean that she is finding reasons to be around you.

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