When you're planning investments, you need to arm yourself with all possible information that gives you insights, real-time information, news, and guidance. There are plenty of terrific apps that can help you make informed decisions before you choose to buy or sell. Investing in the stock market is a powerful way to build wealth and gain control of your financial future.


Robinhood offers free stock trades and lets you track stocks via a watchlist. Trading is simple -- you can search for and find a stock you want to trade for and add it to your portfolio with just a few clicks. There are no commissions or fees for trading. The Robinhood Gold option gives you more access to features like margin trading and extended trading hours.

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Imagine being able to invest with just $5. That's what Stash lets you do. With low fees and great educational content including tips and tricks, you'll have everything you need to make informed decisions about where to invest your hard-earned dollars. The app is free to use for the first month and costs $1 per month for its invest accounts and $2 per month for retirement accounts.

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Betterment lets you invest your money in up to 13 available funds. Using both software and human advisors, the app helps guide smart investment decisions. You set your investment goals and risk tolerance levels, and Betterment automatically rebalances your account to get you on the road to your desired financial standing. Like other apps, securities trades and fund transfers are free; the service charges 0.25 percent fees on fund balances.

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Just as squirrels collect acorns to hold for a rainy day, Acorns lets you use your spare change to build something. It rounds up your credit card and debit card transactions and invests these smaller amounts on your behalf. You can trade stocks and transfer funds for free, and the app charges $1 per month and a flat 0.25 percent fee per year once your account reaches $5,000. It's also free if you have a .edu email address.

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If you're looking for a passive approach to investing, Wealthfront is a smart choice. Choose from 11 different funds, and the service is free for the first $10,000 invested. After that, Wealthfront takes 0.25 percent with a $500 minimum required balance. The PassivePlus feature in the app allows you to do direct and advanced indexing as part of your investment strategy.

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TD Ameritrade Mobile

This mobile tool from a major investment company offers lots of functionality across multiple platforms. It's a good choice for both beginner and intermediate investors, with customizable screens and dashboards to assess your investments the way you want. You can access research, real-time news, and analytics, and look at available videos to learn tips and gain insights on markets and investing.

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If you want to teach your children about investing, Stockpile is a smart choice. Users can buy and sell stocks in the same way the other apps do, but also lets you buy a single share or fractional shares of a stock with a low transactional fee. It lets you gift these stocks and fractional shares to loved ones and show your children the power of investing.

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E*Trade Mobile

The discount online stock trading side has a mobile application that's ideal, intuitive and simple to use. E*Trade Mobile let you make purchases and sell stocks, but also gives you insights and the ability to complete more complex transactions. Advanced features allow access to opportunities such as option trades.

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Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is an old-school, traditional brokerage service. Its app, however, takes a modern approach to investing. Users can integrate their investment and banking needs in one centralized location. You can not only manage your investments, but watch CNBC broadcasts, conduct research, make trades, and access your portfolio accounts at any time.

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SigFig Investing

When you want to tie together all of your investment accounts, SigFig has you covered. The app integrates information and account details from 100 brokerage accounts. You can look at allocations, risk exposures, and performance results with clear-to-read charts. SigFig is ideal for those looking to link their brokerage and employer-offered investments and personal savings accounts in one location.

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