Some may see Excel as an outdated means of managing a budget in the 21st century, but these free Excel budget spreadsheet template sources could be the best way to manage your budget. As people become more reliant on technology in the digital world, many have seen traditional budgeting tasks moved from the paper checkbook to online banking and automated bill-pay systems. While this age of technology can seem to make life easier, it can also make it difficult to manage a budget reliably. If shopping is as simple as clicking a button, and bills are taken directly from your account, personal finances can quickly get out of hand.

Microsoft Office Templates & Themes

The best place to start when looking for a free Excel budget spreadsheet template is with the company that makes the software: Microsoft. There are many free budget spreadsheet templates available that will work for a range of experiences. From those new to Excel to the seasoned pros comfortable working with pivot tables and custom formulas, the budget spreadsheet templates found on Office.com offer some solutions.


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My Excel Templates

My Excel Templates features many free templates to download, including free budget spreadsheet templates. The appeal of these spreadsheet templates is that many are submitted by users, and have a specific use. One example includes the “Best Option Selector,” which is intended to help the user make an informed financial decision. The available selections range from a budget/expense spreadsheet for teachers and students to state-specific health insurance plan comparison spreadsheets. Crowd-sourced sites like this often provide options not available with traditional channels.

Excel templates

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Vertex42.com is one of the most well-known sources for free Excel templates and has one of the largest databases of available spreadsheet templates. The options available on the site are probably the most versatile. They have mobile-friendly designs, and also offer templates for OpenOffice.org users. For budget templates, they offer many solutions for a range of specifications, including household budget worksheets, personal monthly budget worksheets, and a Money Manager template for users looking to track daily transactions.

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Next on the list is a smaller site that specializes more in budgeting and money management strategies than building templates. The notable benefits of this site are that aside from providing free Excel budgeting templates, it also provides additional tips and tricks that will help when it comes time to stick to and implement the proposed budget. From strategies to help users get out of debt, to detailed information about more complex financial topics, this site can be a great place to find a free budgeting template and gain insight into strategies that have worked for others.

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Template.net is another site that provides a number of free budget spreadsheet templates ranging in topics. The templates on this site are a little simpler than some of the other sources on this list, but still include a variety of options. From bathroom renovation templates to church budget templates and even travel budget downloads. As mentioned, these templates are not as complicated as some of the other examples, but this simplicity will be a plus for users who aren’t that experienced with Excel spreadsheets and budget templates. This is a reliable source for users new to budgeting and spreadsheets.

Excel net

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Savvy Spreadsheets

Savvy Spreadsheets offers spreadsheet templates that are simple and intuitive. The templates on this site are designed to be flexible for the user and don’t require an advanced degree in data analytics. What’s most appealing about the spreadsheet templates available here are that there is a clear focus on user experience. The templates on the site would fit right in if they were printed and displayed in the kitchen for the entire family to see. While there are a number of templates created by the site, Savvy Spreadsheets also compiles templates from other websites, some of which are included on this list. This is a great starting point for those starting out their search for free spreadsheet templates.

savvy Excel

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Excel Easy

Self-proclaimed to be the “#1 Excel tutorial on the net,” Excel Easy not only features a variety of free excel templates for download but also includes instructions for using them. This site serves as a source of free templates and a place with helpful tutorials. This source is great for those who have moderate Excel experience but want to ensure they get the most out of their budget spreadsheet template.

easy Excel

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While this site isn’t solely focused on creating free Excel spreadsheet templates, it does a great job in educating users on how to implement each spreadsheet. Their Free Budget Template page includes eight free budget templates for download. Each template includes a breakdown of how to best use the spreadsheet and guidance for staying on track.

mint Excel

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Like other template sources on this list, 20 Something Finance isn’t solely focused on building spreadsheet templates. It focuses on finances and providing resources for those managing a budget. An added benefit is that the budget spreadsheet templates are also Google Docs. If you’d rather work on your budget offline, simply save the file as an Excel spreadsheet directly to your computer.

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Budgets are Sexy

A little less traditional than most sources mentioned, budgetsaresexy.com offers a number of free budget spreadsheet templates for users. This site is an aggregator of other content, but it is regularly updated to include the latest available spreadsheet templates. It’s also a fun departure from the more traditional sources on this list. And it can provide a small break from the exciting world of Excel budget spreadsheets.

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