In today's day and age, it's easy to get caught up in frivolous overspending. We live in a society that is always pushing the latest and best gadgets, and with the added temptation of convenient online shopping, it can be hard to stay within budget. Hard, but not impossible. With just a few small adjustments to everyday life, a lot of those extra spending habits can be kicked to the curb.


1. Write A Grocery List - And Stick To It

Writing a grocery list is the easy part; it's keeping to the list that gets difficult. Grocery stores are filled with impulse buys on the ends of each aisle, at the center kiosks, and at the checkout stand. All those little extras that no one truly needs are on full display every few feet. By writing a detailed shopping list and following it to the letter, you can ensure no unnecessary items find their way into your cart. If the urge to deviate from the list is still too strong, many grocery stores allow you to do your shopping online and pick it up or have it delivered. This is an excellent way to stop impulse shopping and save money at the checkout.

Shop with list in hand. Steve Debenport / Getty Images

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