Crises that arise from political unrest or calamities make the stock market jittery, often shaking investor and consumer confidence to the core. Widespread uncertainty breeds pessimism and fears and, in turn, negatively affects the market. When it looks tough, many investors panic and think it’s time to give up. History shows that market swings are normal during times of crisis. The past also indicates that those investors who ride out the storms arrive at a wealthier destination than those who didn’t stay the course. Keep your eyes on your investment goals and sail on with these survival tips.


1. Focus on the Long Term

Consider investing as a long-term strategy for wealth accumulation, not a lottery ticket. A current decline may seem to portend doom, but it is likely a mere hiccup on an overall upward trend. Over extended periods, the market has never suffered permanent losses. Your aim is not to find the best-performing or most popular asset allocation, because today’s rising star could be next year’s black hole. On the other hand, today’s loser could wind up as a champion stock or commodity in the near future. Stay true to your goals, whether you see bulls or bears on the horizon.

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