Stock market games are a great way to learn the ins and outs of investing in the actual exchange. You can learn how to choose the right stocks, understand the terminology, and begin picking and monitoring stocks to determine how to leverage the exciting world of investing. Stock market games give you insights into when to buy and sell, what factors to consider when making investments, and the ups and downs of stock trading.


Best Brokers

This app, available on multiple operating systems, gives you the ability to practice investing with an array of features. Invest in many types of markets, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium. Other features include a news reader, messaging capabilities, and a friends list.

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Wall Street Survivor

Learn what to do with a virtual $100,000 initial investment by following helpful in-game advice. Wall Street Survivor also includes a great resource library to help you gain valuable information. Check out the Investing 101 feature full of detailed insights and helpful tips, and participate in contests that afford prizes to successful pickers.

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Investopedia Stock Simulator is a reliable tool that gives helpful explanations of various financial and investment-related terminology. Participate in quarterly competitions that show how your choices measure up over time. This user-friendly game offers real stock news and insights integrated into gameplay. With this game, you can put in market orders and limit orders and stops, while also setting a time limit for how long those orders will be in play.

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Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

This Android app lets users players use multiple stock exchanges, not just the New York Stock Exchange that's the default choice for many other offerings. The app provides suggested stock picks and includes performance charts, recent news about the equity, and standard data points that help you make smart investment choices. It uses real data and features information on 20 different stock exchanges around the world.

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Marketwatch Stock Simulators

Marketwatch is a proven news source with the latest stories, insights, and analysis. It's a go-to site for investors looking to pick up information about their investments. The simulator lets you join existing games or create your own. You'll learn how to track a stock's performance on multiple indices with news feeds adjacent.

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TD Ameritrade, a popular stock portfolio management and trading company, offers this downloadable game that lets you act as a day trader, swing trader, or long-term investor. There are a lot of bells and whistles in Thinkorswim, with hundreds of indicators, watch lists, and alerts that get you into a sophisticated stock-picking mode fast.

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How The Market Works

With, you'll have access to a comprehensive education center with investing and trading tips for beginner, intermediate, and advanced stock investors. You can also interact with currency trading, penny stocks, and mutual funds. You'll get real-time updates and can compare strategies to determine the best bets for your risk tolerance and investment strategy. HowTheMarketWorks is used by hundreds of middle school, high school, and college classes to teach investment skills, and is a top choice in many adult investment clubs.

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Wall Street Survivor

When you want to take a cerebral approach to learning the stock market, Wall Street Survivor is a good choice. It features quizzes and courses, all part of a free suite of products on trading and investments. There's an extensive library of videos and articles to peruse before or during your participation in a competitive investment league.

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This game takes a slightly different angle to learning the stock market. You get a chart with the historical performance of an actual but unnamed large-cap (S&P 500) stock. You determine whether you want to buy or sell the stock and, once you have made your decisions, discover the company name. It's a great way to learn how to read stock charts.

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UpDown gives you insights into which stocks traded the most by other traders. There are monthly and yearly contests where you can earn cash by beating the performance of the S&P 500. The game does not operate in real time, but it provides discussion boards to help answer your questions.

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