Remote working has become a fantastic alternative to traditional work options in the past few years. The rise of freelance, telecommute, and remote task-based jobs have given new meaning to a job field that was traditionally dominated by stay-at-home parents. If you've never worked remotely, however, the transition can be a daunting task. The plethora of listings, some real and some fraudulent, along with the competition in most remote fields, means dedication and perseverance are essential to securing the job of your dreams.


1. Examine Your Resume

The resumes that worked well for you when you were looking for an in-person job might not be the best choice now. Resumes need to be updated, and some of the experiences you proudly displayed on your resume may not apply to this new environment. If you have experience working on your own without direct supervision, this will appeal to someone hiring for a remote position. Even if your current or previous positions were mainly in-person, any work-from-home experience can help.

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