Data breaches and identity theft are occurring more and more frequently. Some of the largest events, such as the Equifax breach that affected 143 million people, make the news, but plenty of smaller instances do not. If your identity is stolen, the thief could access your bank accounts, take out loans, or establish new credit in your name, all before you realize anything is wrong. Fortunately, you can take steps to protect yourself and your personal information from cybercrime and prevent identity theft.


1. Photocopy Your Wallet

If you do have your identity stolen — or your wallet, for that matter — you want to be able to head the thieves off instantly. When you make a copy of everything in your wallet — your driver's license, your work ID, all your credit cards, and any other personal information — you're prepared to make the emergency phone calls you need to protect yourself. And don't forget to copy the backs of your credit cards, where you'll find all the phone numbers you need to call.


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