Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most stylish room of all? Why, it could be you, of course, after you find the ideal wall mirror for your space. No matter what your decorating taste might be, a wall mirror can be a great addition to your room. A statement mirror can provide a decorating focal point over a mantel or on a large wall, or a smaller mirror can add a subtle brightening effect and showcase your personal style. Plus, every good interior decorator knows that adding a mirror can make a room look more spacious.

A simple circular mirror is minimalist chic

There's a reason why a circle-shaped mirror is a classic. The simple outline of this basic shape combined with the reflective surface of the mirror engenders a sort of meditative peacefulness. Modern styles utilize a thin frame or even no frame at all to emphasize this simplicity. The result is a minimalist dream decorating piece, ideal for creating a laid-back vibe that still feels contemporary and stylish.


Ornate mirrors instantly upgrade your room

On the opposite side of the coin, an ornate mirror transforms an ordinary room into an opulent one. This can be especially effective if you match a metallic frame to other metals in the room, such as drawer pulls or light fixtures. Ornate frames fit well in traditional spaces, but can also be a whimsical touch in a more modern setting. Protip: you can frame a mirror just like a picture. Purchase an inexpensive craft store mirror and frame separately to achieve this look at a fraction of the price.


Extra-large mirrors have a big impact

Make your space look twice as large with a wall-sized mirror. Play with its reflections to enhance a decor color from an accent wall or create more light by placing it opposite a window. Make sure to choose a wide frame for your mirror to ensure it still looks like a decorative piece and not an actual mirrored wall. This will keep your look contemporary and avoid any comparisons to dance studios or gym classes.

This extra-large framed mirror makes the entryway feel huge. KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Prop a mirror against the wall instead of hanging it

Propping a mirror against the wall is a great way to take advantage of a mirror's benefits in a more casual way. Something about this display technique makes your decorating seem effortless, and you'll appreciate that it less effort since you won't need hanging tools or a measuring tape. Plus, it's easy to move around within the room to get that perfect placement, even if you change your mind.


Lighten up with a sunburst mirror

If you want to lighten up a dark room, try a literal interpretation of the idea and hang a stunning sunburst mirror. Not only does the mirror brighten your room by reflecting sources of light, but it also metaphorically taps into some warm subconscious feelings we get when we see images of a shining sun. Cultures all over the world have been decorating with sun motifs for thousands of years. Today's options include everything from delicate art deco-inspired pieces with starry arms to statement mirrors boasting huge golden rays.

This gold sunburst mirror adds warmth and emphasizes the strong lines present in the decor of this room. Onzeg / Getty Images


Geometric mirrors create visual interest

Wall mirrors can be used in the most modern of homes by making simple design tweaks. One of the best is to choose a nontraditional shape for your wall mirrors. Combine hexagonal mirrors to create an interesting honeycomb effect. To keep the look contemporary, opt for thin frames or even frameless options

This honeycomb mirrored wall hanging makes the space look larger. in4mal / Getty Images


Hang a mirror landscape or portrait style

Another unexpected technique for hanging wall mirrors is to change the orientation of the mirror. Try hanging a narrow mirror horizontally for a landscape-style effect, or hang a wider mirror vertically to lengthen the room. This technique is especially effective when the mirror is also not centered on the wall; try hanging it slightly higher or lower for an interesting look.

Wall Mirrors For Every Decorating Style Bulgac / Getty Images


An unusual frame turns a mirror into a work of art

If you want to take advantage of a mirror's benefits but would also love a colorful art piece like a painting, print, or tapestry, compromise by choosing an interesting frame for your mirror. No rule says you have to stick to metals when choosing a mirror frame. There are many colorful and patterned options that can upgrade your mirror into a museum-worthy piece.

This bold black-and-white stripe pattern makes a big statement in this room. Artjafara / Getty Images


Hang multiple mirrors to create a gallery wall

If you are decorating a large space, try hanging multiple mirrors to create a gallery wall. You can go for a symmetrical, elegant look by hanging the same color and style of mirror, or you can choose different finishes, colors, and styles for a more eclectic result. You can even mix in framed family portraits or other favorite photos. If you're renting or just want a damage-free hanging method, consider using hook-and-loop fasteners to hang lightweight mirrors and framed photos instead of putting holes in the wall with a hammer and nails. This also makes it easier to switch up the layout of your gallery wall if you change your mind in the future.

You can even create a gallery wall in a small space by cleverly spacing the mirrors. Aleksandra Zlatkovic / Getty Images


Try a mirror over the mantel to create a focal point

If you have a fireplace or mantel in your home, the area over it is a prime spot for a stunning decor piece. While many people hang their television there or choose a favorite print, a mirror is also a great choice. A large mirror hung above or balanced on the mantel creates a focal point for the room and reflects light from a higher point in the room, making the entire space feel lighter, brighter, and more spacious.


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