To join in the painted rock craze, home is the best place to start. Even people without a natural artistic bent can find joy in creating unique pieces that add delight to their homes. The process itself is relaxing, and the result can bring delight for years to come. Painting rock enthusiasts recommend acrylic paint as it typically is thicker, easier to apply, and needs fewer coats. Paint details with small paintbrushes or use paint pens and markers for the finer points. Finish your art with a clear sealant to weather-proof.


1. Paint your rocks with a marbled effect

Add marbling medium to paint to achieve a stunning marbleized finish on your rocks. For each of your desired colors, mix one-part paint with two parts marbling medium in a small container. Drip prepared paint onto your rock with a plastic spoon or craft stick. Drag lines through the wet paint with a toothpick. Let the rock dry on a craft plate or cooling rack.

kids painting rocks AHPhotoswpg / Getty Images

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