Now that we’re firmly in the new year, it’s time to start thinking about how we can best embrace it. Each year, the design world sees the rise of dozens of new color trends and ideas. While most are slight variations on things that were popular the previous year, a few stand out as breaths of fresh air. If you’re looking for some fun ways to design and decorate your home in 2020, you’re in luck. This year, it seems like nearly every developer and designer is taking a chance to try something new and working outside the box.


1. Neons and glowing hues

If you’ve paid any amount of attention to pop culture, you’ll know that we’re constantly referencing the past. Currently, it feels like everybody is missing those key 80s aesthetics. And if there is one aspect of the 80s that everyone is latching onto, it’s neon. Of course, you could just throw up some neon lights and call it a day, but you should go a bit further. Think about contrast. Combine bright blues and pinks or reds and purples. Use classic outrun and vaporwave palettes. Consider using soft LEDs to light your rooms rather than harsh white light. Throw in some vintage decor like vinyl records to add some refined flair to the area.

pozitivo / Getty Images

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