A bathroom can pose some unique decorating conundrums. Ideally, it should be a calm, orderly room that is easy to clean, safe, and 100% functional. Like other rooms in your home, accessories add unique touches to personalize the space and make it your own. However, one of the ongoing debates is whether or not a bathroom needs a bath mat, which serves as both a functional and decorative accessory. While it provides a non-slip barrier between your bare feet and the floor, not everyone agrees that it is an essential bathroom accessory.


1. The bath mat vs. the bath rug

Although people refer to them interchangeably, they are two different products. Bath rugs are generally more fashion-than-function and seldom have skid-proof backing. Bath mats have a latex backing that prevents you from slipping once you've stepped out of the shower or bath. Look for mats and rugs constructed with material that absorbs dripping water. This prevents water from ending up on your bathroom floor and forming post-bath puddles. Over time, water leads to floor damage. It can deteriorate the sealer on a tile floor and discolor linoleum if you allow puddles to stand for any length of time.

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